Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lazy Man Iron Man

Lately, I have been seriously lacking in motivation to work out. Every time I say I am going to go I talk myself out of it. So I had to do something. I took a challenge sponsored by the school. I will be completing an IRON MAN!!!! That's right I am going to
run 26 miles
bike 112 miles
swim 2.7 miles

Don't think I'm really that cool. I have a month to complete the challenge, which is the lazy part. But I think that I will be just the motivation I need to work out. I am actually accountable for working out now. Woo!

Also, there is going to be a Turkey Trot (5K) November 19, also sponsored by the school, and I really want to run in it. So I'm looking at this as a training opportunity. So go me. I'm two days in and I have run 2 miles and biked 10 miles. Man I have a lot more to go!.